Portland, Oregon for Urban Hiking in Forest Park

As much as I love getting out to the mountains, sometimes an urban park hike is just the right balance of adventure with convenience. Portland has one of the best urban hiking destination I’ve ever visited. Forest Park has something like 70 miles of trails total and really feels like a true forest, not just a park. On a recent trip, I got in some miles on the Wildwood Trail, and some other areas near the parking lots. It may not have quite measured up to my Columbia Gorge adventure, but when you consider that it only took a couple hours and left the rest of the day for exploring the city, it was well worth it! We’re spoiled here in the northwest with our beautiful green spaces and this is one of the best.

Photos via Flickr users Mike Rohrig, Evan-Lovely, and szapucki

Where I stayed / started

Inn at Northrup Station


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