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Staying at Czech Inn, you find out how different Prague can be block by block. This hostel is HUGE, the atmosphere is amazing, there is a bar and concert venue in the basement that holds live shows weekly. Prague is an interesting city, as they say its cheaper to drink beer than it is to drink water. This makes for the people and places very interesting, on top of having a sorted past. I joined the tour at the meeting place, we walked around the city, it was great, I got to see and learn about the true details of Prague’s past and see things the average visitors do not get to see. I really felt like I was being walked through the heart and soul of the city. Prague had a tough time during the reign on communism, you learn about this as we walked by secret stores that used to be used to sell clothes, cigarettes, and things that were kept away from people during this time. This time was called the Velvet Revolution which gave the Czech Republic not only their freedom in politics, but also freedom in culture which is just as important. You can see the historic shift in the arts culture from the moment that communism fell, the Czech Republic really embraced the arts! We walked a peppered path through Prague, we visited galleries, graffiti walls, a coffee shop and maker space that you could only purchase things with Bit Coin. It was interesting, so very much informative, we ended the experience at a bar for drinks with the group and continued to discuss alternative historical topics related to Prague.

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  1. Tomas Jelinek April 12, 2016, 2:19 am

    Thank you for spreading the word guys. We are really happy to hear that you enjoyed the tour! For those who want to join us for the Alternative Tour, here you can find more info about it:

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