Praia das Sete Fontes (Ubatuba), Brazil for Hidden Shrine to Madonna

This is a real local tip, I was traveling through Brazil, I was staying at Hotel Coquille. One day I went to the local bar. The next day I had planned to go to the beach as Ubatuba is known for having over 100 beaches in the area. My plan was to go to Praia do Flamengo as it is populated and easier to get to. But, as I started speaking with the local patrons at the bar, they were telling me to forget Praia do Flamengo but instead to go to Praia das Sete Fontes to go and have a whole beach mostly to myself as well to visit the hidden altar. When you throw a weird little piece like that in there on top of a private beach you have already sold me. The only catch, there are no roads that get there and mostly steep trail leading from Praia do Flamengo. This was fine with me so I head out with the directions from my new friends. As I approached the beach, which is completely furrounded by forest and spotted with palm trees. There are no roads that lead to this perfectly white sand beach with crystal clear water, so it is perfect, not run down by too much foot traffic.

The altar is tucked away under an unassuming rock pile. It looks as if it would be placed there by a giant. The shrine includes a Virgin Mary painting with framed with flowers brought by the locals as an offering. It is very cool to see that this is in use and maintained. Also, the beach itself is worth the trip

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