Québec City, QC, Canada for Geological Wonder, the Perce' Rock

The great Perce Rock in Quebec, Canada is one of the marvellous wonders of the world. Dramatically rising above the water the from the Gulf of St. Lawrence, Perce Rock seems like an island of limestone tipping off as a ship on the sea.
Perce Rock is regarded as one of the seven wonders of Canada, being both historic and geological icon. Watching place in real is much more amazing than the pictures. The beautiful natural view and romantic ambiance attract loads and loads of tourists, but mainly geologically inclined travellers come here, because of its rich mineral formation and presence of millions of marine fossils.
It’s amazing to walk up the hill and have a spectacular view of the rock, but it’s important to have a guided boat tour at only low tide. I am a bit feared of water so didn’t tried to get in, but only watching the rock is so much fun and fascinating that is enhanced by the nice boardwalk along the coast. I had a great time there, and will surely go back to that gem of a place.

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Auberge Les Trois Soeurs Hotel


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