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Quilcene, WA, United States for 5 Awesome Things to Do

The town of quilcene is about 2 hours from Seattle (drive around or take the Bainbridge ferry!) and is a perfect getaway from the city at any time of year. Staying from a home base of a Modern Cabin retreat, here are the 5 things guests love to do when they visit.

1. Check out the Massive view from Mt. Walker

You can get to Mt. Walker by either hiking or driving (Mt. Walker is the only peak facing Puget Sound that has a road to its summit). Of course the hike makes it much more satisfying but either way you can get an incredible payoff view (bring a picnic!) at the top. To get there: From the Quilcene town center, drive 4.6 miles south on US 101.

2. Go Cider Tasting at Finn River

Most of think of cider as a sicky sweet overcarbonated beverage — Until they taste Finn River! Finn River is actually a whole experience of local food where you can walk around the farm, buy produce and enjoy wood fire pizza on summer weekends. The cider itself is to die for!

3. Visit Port Townsend

There’s no major scene in Port Townsend — it’s not swanky or trendy — but it has all the feel of an artistic seaside village with the vibes of great food, breweries, gift shops and ice cream. There’s a few parks for kids to play in and kayaking too. It’s worth a Saturday lunch trip (30m drive) or Sunday visit on your way home!

4. Go to the Beach

More of a summer thing of course, but Quilcene has good water access for playing and also for shellfish (oysters in the winter, clamming several times a year). The beach pictured here is just right in the town of Quilcene.

5. Do nothing — and get away from it all!

Usually the main reason people want to get away is to recharge the battery. Enjoy a glass of wine, read a book, enjoy eagles flying over you and seals barking under you. Sometimes people end up having big plans but they don’t end up going to far from their deck and the view.

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