Red Theater, Beijing for Kung-Fu-Show

Beijing was really an amazing place to be. After Visiting the great wall and the Souvenirs Market I was tempted to see more. As I have still 2 more days to spend here. So I wanted to visit another place. After getting back from the Souvenirs Market I was very tired. So I wanted to take a nap. But before taking that I take a bath at the swimming pool of the hotel. As soon as I finished swimming quickly I get into the hotels restaurants and order a roasted duck and Top Ramen Soup as well. Soon I finish my mile I gone to bed.

After waking up from bed. I prepare myself for the breakfast. The waiter gives the breakfast to my room. It was half boiled egg, noodles, and custard fruit salad. As soon as I finish having my breakfast I have a chat with the hotel manager and he suggests that as I have 2 days left. Why don’t I visit the Red Theater for the Kung Fu Show?

It seems OK with me. As I have plenty of time left. Actually, in reality, I did n’t yet seen a Kung Fu Show before so I don’t have any idea what will happen. After getting ready I departed for the Red Theater. When I got there, I come to know that they held two differents show daily. Morning and Evening. As I gone there at very soon so I collect the morning show tickets.

Being early before the show began I have a chance to talk to the grandmaster of the show Chao-Li-Chang. I have a long chat with him. It was a friendly conversation and this man is very great. He is very knowledgeable as he also knows about the country I am from. Actually knows a lot’s of things about my country. We chat with each other for a couple of hours and he invited me into his fighting dome for a dinner. I will share the fighting dome visit in my next Journey with you guys.

Anyway, then the real fun begin. The Kung Fu Show started and it was actually happening in front of me at last. As soon as it starts the whole theater turns into a festival. There are colors everywhere. The performer does so well that it become one of the great entertainings events for me. I saw some serious action packed stunts what is just available in Hollywood movies. Most interesting things are it was all happening in front of me.

They perform high jumping, Kung Fu Dance, Sword Dance, and many more attractive moves what looks unique and entertaining. Was a whole new experience for me. To be honest it was one of the most memorable events in the Beijing Tour.

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Take part in the Night Show. As they held a opera as well with the Kung Fu Show at Night.

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