Rocky Mountain National Park for Watching the Lake in Glacier National Park

The story: One of the things that makes travel with kids more smooth than people would expect is sticking to the schedule. We’re not talking about the itinerary, but the nap schedule. If you don’t have kids, you might not be familiar but the concept is this: get and keep the kids on a nap schedule so that they can feel at ease wherever they are because of consistency. Well, this day, we opted to go on a boat tour and spend some time just watching the lake in Glacier National park. Well, that fell outside of the optimal time-frame, smack dab in the middle of the morning nap.

We got to the dock and got settled on the boat, and the tiny man was antsy. He was tired. He was ready to lose it. And then we started to move and the water started to flow past the boat. And then he got to pretend to be a dog and gasp breath after breath of fresh lake air. He calmed down and snuggled into papa, enjoying the ride and staying calm all of the way to the next dock. Even though he missed his nap, the water and the fresh air kept him calm and happy all through our tour, which included a guided hike.

That night he recovered the sleep he was missing during the day, and thank goodness because we left Glacier National Park the next day and we needed him to be a happy baby. Our experience on the boat tour and the calm it brought to our last day of vacation was unexpected and we were so thankful.

Why do people love this image: this is one of those moments when nobody knows a picture is happening. It’s not posed and is so happy. Even though you can’t see tiny man’s face, you can tell he’s happy. And if you look out the window, the setting is so calm and beautiful.

Fun fact: this photo was taken on board the Chief Two Guns, one of the two boats that are a part of the Glacier Park Boat Co tour in the Many Glacier area of Glacier National Park. The Boat Co has been around since the 1930s but this boat has only been afloat since 1960. It’s the newest of the fleet in the park.

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