Rome for The Pantheon

Started off grabbing lunch at Mama’s Burgers in Pignetto. Decided it was a great day to skateboard around the city. We grabbed our boards and started the journey to the Pantheon. The building that stands is from the reign of emperor Hadrian from about 126AD! The building has large granite columns n the front of the building, 8 in the front and 2 groups of four behind the first row. It is the worlds largest unreinforced concrete dome. This is almost 2000 years later! This is truly a dream come true to visit such an amazing piece of history. It is still one of Rome’s best-preserved buildings. Essentially because it has been in use the whole time. We found out during our visit that, the height to the oculus and the diameter of the interior circle are the same at 142 feet. It is hard to describe the feeling that viewing something as powerful as this in person has on you. To think of all of the hands and work that went into this is amazing.

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