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Rome, Italy for Pizza with Celebrities

I always like to think, if theres a line full of locals, it’s a good place to eat! Nevertheless, you wont only find locals in this line, you will find soccer stars, Hollywood celebrities, and musicians all waiting for what is arguably the best pizza and cultural icon in the middle of old-Rome. You feel like a real local knowing about this perfect gem of a pizzeria. We sat next to come celebrities as the inside space is a little cramped. You sit with strangers, our seating was lucky, but I imagine this happens all the time. Sitting with strangers is a small price to pay for the great Roman atmosphere that you will have, and the inexpensive price tag for the amazing pizza! Pizzeria da Baffetto – this is a must have when visiting Rome. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to feel like a local a-lister by skipping over this pizzeria. I know I sure felt like one.

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Hotel Pigneto / Gordon's Hotel

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