Rome, Italy for Street Food (Suppli) in Trastevere

Ok, where to begin…. I do not use the phrase “Game Changer” much. But I can say that this delicious ball of rice, sauce and cheese. As well as the ones that are filled with other fillings are very much a Game Change in every single way. The best part is that I Suppli in Trastevere are considered some of the best Suppli in Rome. When I found that out, I was already staying at the B&B Roma Trastevere Hotel. This allowed for I Suppli to be a short walk away, which turned into the every day short walk away to grab some pasta and suppli for every meal. They all cost around 1-2 euro per suppli. I completely understand while this is the favorite Roman street food. It is absolutely amazing.

Have you done this? What can you add to this jrrny?

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