Rostock, Germany for Cold Gothic Adventure

Visiting the Baltic Sea coast in sub-zero weather probably wasn’t one of my brightest ideas, but – being a sucker for the Northern European seaside – when the offer to go for a day-trip to Rostock came up, I accepted it in a heartbeat.

It was probably the gloomy weather in combination with the pointy, uninviting Gothic architecture that, at a first glance, gave the town a bit an ominous feel – but I believe that made it all the more interesting. The main road, called Kröpeliner Straße, is lined with cute little shops where you can buy locally-made sweets and other trinkets. Our tour guide took us inside the St. Mary’s church, where we were able to see an immense astronomical clock (still works to this day with its original mechanism!) and admire the haunting Brick Gothic construction. Probably the most interesting part of Rostock is the Warnemünde district, located on the Baltic Sea and famous among the locals for its seemingly never-ending beaches, a lighthouse and charming little houses dotted around the marina. For someone who comes from a rocky Mediterranean area and is generally deprived of the sand beach luxury, Warnemünde was like a revelation, even in inhumanely freezing conditions. Luckily, we were able to rectify the cold by having delicious fish soup in one of the local restaurant in the little marina. It was just what we needed!

Where I stayed / started

Berlin, as it was only a day trip!

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