Ruins of St. Paul's for Inventing some new things

Still at the same hotels here. Now on my journey, I choose an ancient place. It is Ruins of St. Paul’s. Most ancient things that are yet standing still. Builds more than thousands of years ago. By little bit researching finds out that it builds from the period between 1620-1640. See!!! How old it is!!! But still looking so nice,

When I reached there, it was very crowded. For bring so popular, people always come to this place. Very first time I encounter this monument. It looks marvelous. At the very beginning can’t even imagine it will be this much old. From very close it looks even more fantastic than ever before. I climbed to the top of the monuments. Very interested to see what kinds of metal they use. So it lasts so much longer. By observing a little more time, I find out by what it is made off.

It was built by some kinds of smooth stone. Ruins of St. Paul’s is nearer the city university, so you can find many local students to have a chat. I have a chat with some young fellow and by talking with them, I have come to know a lot of interesting matter about this place.

There is a nice flower garden in front of the ruins. At spring the flower blossom and looks very wonderful also. You can fell the presence of the garden at any distance into the ruins as it spread sweet scent and aroma to each and every part of the ruins.

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