Saint Eval, Engollan, Cornwall, United Kingdom for Nanjizal: Song of the Sea, Cornwell

Cornwall county is a must visit county of England and is best known for its beautiful beaches and rocky coastline. I had the most fun and beautiful time while walking on the coast, amidst crystal clear water, soothing fresh air, and stunning scenery.
We planned to have a coast walk from Pothgwarra to Nanjizal beach. So we parked at land’s end and walk foe three miles to have a great natural mesmerizing view. The Nnanjizal Bay is equpped with beautiful rock formation. Limelight of this bay is narrow naturally formed arch shaped rock with beautiful clear water, called as “Song of the Sea” and the “Diamond Horse”. Its beauty peaks up when it capture sunshine.
The beautiful sandy beach , which increase or decrease depending upon the seasonal sandstorm in the region, adds to the beauty of the bay. Dazzling waterfall adds in the beauty of whole scene. I had a great great time there, as I love spending time near to nature.

Where I stayed / started

The Cornwall Spa Hotel Estate

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