Saint Simons Island, GA, United States for Biking with the family

By now you know that we’re in love with St Simons Island, Georgia. It’s nautical, historical, beachy, covered in Spanish moss. Perfect. So, what’s the best way to see and get a good feel of the island? Biking St Simons Island from end to end is just awesome. Family travel can sometimes limit your activity choices, but then it also opens you up to new things. Without knowing too much about St Simons Island when we arrived, we weren’t sure how best to see the Island or what activities there were besides the beach. When the concierge at the King and Prince Resort said that she’d set up biking for us, we were like “Okay, that’s fantastic. Why not?” So, it turns out that biking St Simons Island was brilliant and just what we needed to break up our vacation a bit.

Bikes and kid-trailers were provided to us through Ocean Motion Surf Co on St Simons Island. They were great at getting us fitted with helmets (required on bikers under 16 years old) and they made sure that our trailers were comfortable enough for the kids. For a first time trailer ride, we were good to go! But why do this instead of just chillin’ out on the beach?

Fresh Air – unless you live mostly outside, you may not realize the air and how it affects you daily. If you spend your days inside an office building or only ever exercise at the gym, you might not even realize how good fresh air makes you feel. The moment you start pedaling a bike and heading down one of the country roads on St Simons Island you feel different. The sea air is exhilarating, even if it’s muggy. Also, wind in your face is so wonderfully relaxing that you’ll feel great just from the breeze.

Tip: wear waterproof sunblock while you’re riding. Even though you’re nice and cool from the wind, the sun will getcha! Kids especially need it.

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don’t forget water! Yes, there are places to stop and get something to drink along the way to wherever you’re going, but bring water too. Seriously.

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