Saint Simons Island, GA, United States for Echo Retsaurant ( Best Thing I Ever Ate)

Before we had kids we’d relax each night by watching HGTV or the Food Network and dream about renovating our kitchen or maybe dining out every night. And then kids happened and we realized that we’d rather build with blocks and eat grilled cheese sandwiches. But then we travel and are immediately reminded that there is so much amazing food in the world to experience and that our kids will love it too. We’re not shy about bringing kids to a nice dinner, so boom: Echo Restaurant and Best Thing We Ever Ate, Taylor Family edition.

We had an amazing stay at the King and Prince Resort on St Simons Island, Georgia and were blessed with a high class place to dine too, Echo Restaurant. Typically we opt to venture out, away from the hotel and find little places where we can be loud and try new things. Since the King and Prince was hosting us, we dined on property and gosh were we glad we did. The service was excellent at each meal, with the staff being really flexible with our tired kids. And we could eat outside in the sun or shade, or inside. Always good to have choices.

Prior to getting into the actual food, we want to shout from the rooftops how much we felt welcome as a family at Echo. Like we said, stellar service, but family-wise the restaurant has created their kids menus in the most thoughtful way: 1.) they’re fun to color with scenes from the resort’s children’s book, The Princess and the Crab; 2.) Kids Menu at Echo Restaurant at King and Prince Resort St Simons GA 1 there is a respectful selection for the kids that eat more than grilled cheese sandwiches; 3.) kids items are NOT price gouged as is too often the case in restaurants ($3 breakfast, $5 dinner).

Fun story: our first night there, our oldest was really tired and beyond cranky. He ordered the kids menu’s Mac ‘n Cheese… and when it arrived the noodles were spiral…not elbow. End of the world for some reason. Our server offered to have elbow noodles made instead, which we declined… cuz kids have to learn that life is not 100% catered to them… even in a very nice hotel or restaurant. The offer was sweet and was a great service example, but yeah no, sometimes kids need to just deal.

Breakfast – they say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Is it? Maybe, but probably because that’s the meal that you can eat dessert or leftover cold pizza and it’s all good. At Echo Restaurant, it’s the most important meal because it’s where you can get the Crispy Egg. The what?! Yeah, picture a poached or slow fried egg that’s been crusted with panko or crumbs and then perfectly fried to give you a crunchy outside and a warm, soft inside. That’s the crispy egg.

Eggs Coastal – place that crispy egg on top of a beautiful piece of salmon that’s sitting on a cake made of grits and then dill sauce below… it’s breakfast gold. Had it for two different breakfasts. That good.

Eggs Lowcountry – another breakfast medal winner at Echo Restaurant. It consisted of shrimp and Andouille sausage mixed into roasted potatoes with a fried egg. While the sausage itself wasn’t the most spectacular variety of Andouille ever, the shrimp and potatoes were a winning combo. And it was very Southern.

Peach French Toast – from the kids menu, but BOOM. It was such a hit, and we’d be lying if we said that it was only our son that enjoyed it…because there was plenty to go around and it was adult palate quality.

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