San Diego, CA for Balboa Botanical Building

Southern California is not the cheapest place to explore, especially not if you’re like me and enjoy night time activities. So finding free things to do during the day are more than appreciated and I would’ve even paid to see Balboa Botanical Building. This was the closest thing I have ever been to experiencing what Biodome* is like and even then I’m sure Bud and Doyle didn’t have as much fun as I did visiting this oasis. One of the largest lath structures in the world and home to more than 2,100 permanent plants, I found myself just wandering around staring at the overall beauty of the place. At one point I found a bench outside near the reflection pool and was able to just stare at this monstrous biological complex in pure awe. I will definitely be returning here next time I find myself in the city.

* A 1996 Slapstick comedy starring Pauly Shore and Stephen Baldwin.

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