San Diego, CA for US Grant Hotel

The US Grant Hotel is more of a historical landmark than it is a hotel with a $6.5 million dollar art collection, featuring beautiful sculptures, murals and paintings. It was built by the famous Ulysses S. Grant’s son back in 1910 and has been drawing in some of the world’s most elite guests like Albert Einstein, Charles Lindbergh and Franklin D. Roosevelt. Not to mention it is rumored to be haunted by Fannie Chaffee Grant, the first wife of the hotel’s builder who died a year before the hotel’s grand opening. She is said to wander the hallways and the ballroom is a place the staff will not enter in to alone. Whether you are staying in the hotel or not, I would highly suggest eating at their restaurant, grab a drink while you explore their extravagant art gallery and, if you’re really feeling bravado, head in to the ballroom to see if you can’t spark up a conversation with Fannie. Since visiting the lobby and main areas open to public, I can only imagine how beautiful the rooms are. I hope to one day return here as a temporary tenant.

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