San Diego, California for Visiting the Zoo

The zoo was one of our biggest reasons for visiting San Diego. We love animals and it’s such a famous zoo that when we moved to California it was just a matter of time before planning a visit. We set aside a full day for the visit because there is so much to see. I wanted to make sure to see the pandas before the line got too long, so we made that our first stop. It’s a fairly small exhibit, but so cool to see pandas! The grounds are amazing with beautiful plants growing everywhere and so many exhibits that we didn’t see everything even staying all day. The guided bus tour is included in your ticket and that was really nice. We waited until the afternoon when our feet were tired to do that and it was really interesting and a good break from walking. One of my favorite spots was the hummingbird house – so beautiful to see the glittery little birds zipping around! One thing I like about this zoo is how natural the exhibits seem. No zoo is perfect, but this one seemed pretty healthy for the animals.

Photos via Flickr users abrowncoat, mrwynd, cloudzilla, Raymond Bucko, Ray Bouknight, and Jon Apon

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