San Diego for Flower Fields and Coal Fire Pizza

This is one of those places that you drive by and might not realize is open to the public. I surprised my girlfriend with a little trip down here just to break up our routine and she loved it. It’s a short drive from San Diego and about an hour from LA, and you get to enjoy a day of walking around flower fields and checking out all the different varieties not too far from the beach. I will say the ticket fee is kind of a rip off if you ask me. $14 just seems like a bit much for something where you’re doing all the work, but maybe I’m just bitching.

After poking around in the flowers for the better part of a day we drove to Oceanside to go to some thrift stores and the Privateer Coal Fire Pizza. For some reason, Oceanside has a plethora of good thrift and vintage shops that aren’t completely picked over like the rest of southern California. And Privateer is awesome. My buddy helped open this place up a couple years back and I have to say they do pizza right. It’s one of those restaurants that I go to and I always wish my stomach was bigger. We always pig out when we go here, get a couple pizzas (they’re very thin crust with super tasty toppings), maybe an appetizer, and a couple of beers. The pecorino chips are awesome and their salads are HUGE. The prices are fair and the staff are friendly and helpful, so I always look forward to a trip through Oceanside just for the Privateer alone.

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The Flower Fields At Carlsbad Ranch

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