San Diego for Microbrew Tour

What better way to celebrate a Southern California bachelor party than with a limousine tour of some of San Diego County’s best microbreweries? I wasn’t aware, but supposedly San Diego is the country’ has the most microbreweries of anywhere in the country. Combine that fact along with the tidbit I learned on one of the tours that it takes 8 gallons of water to make one gallon of beer, so take that California drought!

The tours were all fairly informative and we got our fair share of tasty grog during our journey. Ballast Point had a couple real dogs though, one of which tasted like a cigar that got put out in an old bourbon glass then got dumped into an IPA. Think that one was still in its experimental phase, but if it ever hits the shelves at the liquor store, I’d say steer clear.

Being that Ballast Point and 32 North were the first stops on our trip and we were drinking in the limo, those are the only names of breweries I can remember. I want to stay we went to Stone, but I’m not really sure. It’s strange how a full day of drinking can affect the memory. Any who, it was a great ol’ time for a bunch of 21 and overs to get good and glugged up before hanging out by the hotel pool then going out for dinner. Casualties were minor as most of us made it to the hotel room come the end of the night though we did have one friend wake up somewhere in the Gaslamp presumably with his own vomit all over his person. Drink responsibly friends. It can get ugly out there.

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