San Diego for Noble Experiment

After catching the train from Los Angeles to San Diego, I arrived at Lucky D’s Hostel and got checked in. I asked a few of the locals working there about a speakeasy I had heard of by the name of Noble Experiment and they laughed at me. Apparently the place is super exclusive and requires one to make reservations multiple days in advance, which sort of sounded like a proper speakeasy to me any way. So after a little research and a phone call or two, I had gotten reservations.
Noble Experiment is tucked inside of a restaurant called The Neighborhood, a beautiful restaurant that serves some of the best garlic fries I’ve ever had. Nevertheless, I was there for the speakeasy and after a quick jaunt to the restroom I decided to let myself in. After puching open the famed keg wall, I walked in to a place that like a cross between the Temple Of Doom and your rich English grandmas house (or at least what I can imagine a rich English grandmas house to look like). Skulls lined a wall where there were booths for groups, the chandelier that dimly lit the room was extravagant and overall the decor was heavy on class. The drinks were pretty expensive and this was definitely not the kind of place you decide to come to alone. That was my biggest mistake. So if I ever do find myself heading back there, I am definitely making sure it will be with at least one other person.

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