San Diego for Snorkeling With Sharks

I’ll admit that “swimming with sharks” is a little misleading but that really is what you’re doing. Every summer the leopard sharks come to La Jolla to spawn and given that they have more important things to deal with, like ensure the continuation of their species, they’re not too bothered by us floating along with them. Also they eat crustaceans so you’re almost entirely safe.

Our friends do this every summer and we always say we want to do it but never were able to until last July. We brought a lunch and made a day of snorkeling around in the late afternoon when the sharks are most likely to be out due to the warm water. Then we caught sunset, had In N Out for dinner and called it a day. The water can be murky at times, but we caught it on a nice hot day in July and there were plenty of mama sharks to be seen.

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