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San Francisco, CA, United States for Wine, Wine, Wine, and Other Napa Valley Facts

Wine, Wine, Wine, and Other Napa Valley Facts
Just a hop skip and a jump away from San Francisco lies wine lover’s paradise – Napa Valley. Hailed as being the place to go for California wines, a Napa Valley trip is the kind of trip that never gets old, never changes much, and can be relied upon for an excellent time.
Everything from the picturesque drive, to the quintessential vineyards is downright beautiful, and there will be ample opportunities for insta-worthy photos.
There are many knowns when it comes to Napa: known – there is wine, known – there are delicious restaurants, known – it’s best to wear dark colors if you enjoy red wine, so on and so forth.
But what about those less well-known Napa Valley facts? Interested in a little bit of less-than-common tidbits of fun information that you can spew out in between rounds of “buttery chardonnay” and“full-bodied cabs?” Everyone loves a bit of drunk trivia, right?
6 Napa Valley Facts To Impress Your Friends
Renowned Yet Small
It may be famous, but Napa Valley is actual rather small. The valley is merely five miles at its widest point, and 30 miles at the longest point. What is that saying… “great things come in small packages.”
Cab is King
There are plenty of grape varietals to try while tasting, but Cabernet Sauvignon reigns King of the valley – it accounts for around 40 percent of the grape harvest each year.
This Might Come as a Shock
But it shouldn’t if you read unknown fact #1 – only four percent of all the wine grapes that are grown in California actually come from Napa Valley. But oh, are those 4 percent delicious.
There’s Always a Reason
Why is Napa special? It’s climate is labeled a “dry mediterranean climate” which happens to only cover two percent of our planet’s surface.
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Small But Mighty
The small area that makes up Napa Valley is responsible for $50 billion dollars of the American economy. Bam. Drink more wine and help the economy.
Small But Mighty Part 2
The small area that makes up Napa Valley is home to 430 wineries, and produces 815 different wine brands. We dare you to visit every winery. Go.
We don’t want to inundate you with Napa trivia, so we’ll leave it at that for today. Plus, while you’re visiting you’re bound to learn many more fascinating tidbits – if you’re still sober enough to pay attention that is. We won’t beat around the bush here – wine tasting isn’t for the faint of heart.
You will walk inside the beautiful tasting room, smell the full-bodies goodness, and become friendly with all the tasters, and who knows how long later – emerge from a day of tasting with a purple tongue, more than a few labeled wine glasses, and a happy smile on your face.

For more details on the best drive to get there, the wineries that shouldn’t be skipped, and more trivia, reach out to the folks at Hotel Zelos San Francisco. Wine lovers, California fans, and generally awesome people, the Hotel Zelos team will ensure your San Francisco visit has all the elements you desire with the insider knowledge for support.

Insider Tip

Trust – a Napa visit is always a good time, just don’t forget to eat intermittently, drink water, and remember where you left your car.

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