San Francisco for Camping By The Beach

We took a road trip up the coast of California and had this wild idea that there would be plenty of sites available if and when we needed them. Very not true. We headed off to Big Sur from Orange County and after a late start there was nothing and a lot of places wouldn’t even let us drive in to see for ourselves, which I found to be a bit unfriendly.

Never the less, after crashing on a friend’s couch in San Francisco we got an early start out and ended up deciding on Point Reyes on a whim. It was a hike-in site so threw on our packs and headed in to Wildcat Campground, which was basically in a big meadow right before a small hill beyond which the beach began.

The site was beautiful on its own, as was the hike in. We passed a small creek with lily pads and there was a picturesque canopy of I believe birch trees that helped shade us from the sun. My friend didn’t pack properly so he was a bit unhappy about the hike, but once we made it he was stoked. The sites are a stone’s throw from a desolate beach and miles of ocean devoid of your average beach goers. Catching sunset there was a highlight of the trip.

Something woke me up while I was asleep in my tent. All I heard was heavy breathing and digging and looking out my little peep hole I could see the white stripes of a skunk, so be sure not to set up on top of a skunk den or anywhere they might be digging for food, because they are not shy about letting you know they’re there.

Have you done this? What can you add to this jrrny?

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