San Francisco for Coffee, Beer, Live Entertainment, and Clean Clothes

Leave it to a city like San Francisco to solve the age-old riddle of how to make the Laundromat not such a terrible time. If you’ve ever been nursing a hangover and trying to get some laundry done and thought, “Why don’t they sell beer here? Or food?” while unattended children ran amok and you sat there hungry trying to summon the motivation to plod through another ten pages of your book, rest assured that there is a new and better way.

Brainwash came up with the solution for all the traditional laundromat’s ailments by functioning as a café/Laundromat with beers on tap and food available until 9PM. They have a calendar of entertainment available ranging from open mic comedy, art shows, to live music. So if you’re into that sort of thing, or definitely if you’re not into that sort of thing, check the calendar and plan accordingly. Either way, rest assured that doing laundry doesn’t have to be an joyless chore anymore thanks to Brainwash.

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