San Francisco for Rock Climbing Workout

It was raining in SF while on a short trip up North so we were in need of something to do where we could stay slightly dry. I remembered that my buddy worked at a rock climbing gym in the Presidio so a couple of us hopped in the car and zooted out to see what that was all about.

I’ve only been to a handful of climbing gyms, but Planet Granite in SF was by far the nicest. Everything was very clean and they had so much more than every other climbing gym I’d been to. Other climbing gyms have that damp, stale sweat smell and all of their equipment looks like it’s been soaking up years of grime in the wood or the handholds or the gym equipment, but PG, everything was very clean and inviting. Their staff was also incredibly friendly and helpful for all of us beginners.

They even had a sauna where we could relax after we got our fill of climbing. I’m not sure what it costs per month to be a member since we got a homie hook up, but if I lived in SF, I would definitely want to be a member of this gym.

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