San Simeon, CA, United States for Amazing art and architecture tour

California – one of the sunniest states in the United States of America. A place where you can enjoy a fresh sea food, positive vibes coming from happy people around and perfect weather, of course. Every year, a great number of tourists choose California for their next travel adventure. Most of them flock to the larger cities such as Los Angelis and San Francisco to explore the big city life and enjoy the numerous attractions there. However, California is not only LA or San Francisco but a lot of other small places with their unique hidden secrets carefully kept for those who can really appreciate a good vacation in California.
I was staying a Pismo Beach, just a four-hour trip from Los Angelis. Going to the small village of San Simeon was not quite in my bucket list. However, I have some free time which I decided to “kill” visiting the Hearst Castle. Built in 1919 by William Randolph Hearst, a newspaper giant, this fabulous castle is an amazing art and architecture attraction as well as a huge step into the highlife. Once a playground for the rich and famous, today the Hearst Castle is a museum, which enjoys great popularity among the tourists. With its beautiful Romanesque architecture, vineyards to explore and traditional cuisine, the Castle is a must-do-visit. As every other museum, the Hearst Castle opens at 9 am. The price of the tickets is $25 for adults and $15 for children. The journey begins in the visitor centre where a 30-minute IMAX movie will bring you back in time. You can also buy food and drinks from there as bringing your own from the outside is not allowed. After that, the bus ride is provided according to a schedule for a 5-mile journey to the castle. After you arrive there, your real journey inside the castle begins. Fortunately, we had a knowledgable guide who gave us enough time to look at the various collections. We walked through 165 rooms, each with their own history to tell, and finish with another 125 acres of gardens, and pools. I was happy to have the opportunity to spend some time alone outside, enjoying the sun and nature, before taking the bus back. It was definitely one of the best tours which California can offers.

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