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The scenery in California is beautiful and the ambience is fresh and inviting. The people are welcoming and friendly and nothing epitomises this culture more than the Sandpiper golf club in Santa Barbara. Located just a few miles of the main highway, it is easily accessible on public transport and this is a big plus to those who do not rent a car during a vacation (just like me) or simply do not have one.
One of the many things I love while travelling is nature. Actually, spending some time outdoors is one of my favourite pass time activities. The beauty and elegance of nature and its surroundings just does it for me. My holiday in Santa Barbara was one of these boring holidays. Usually, I plan carefully where to go and what to visit, but unfortunately,this trip was not my best choice. With nothing better to do in the city I decided to go to the Sandpiper golf club. A friend of mine had been to that place and he was so amazed by its awesomeness that he could not shut up for a whole week. I therefore decided to pay the place a visit and see it for myself.
The entry fees were relatively low than I had expected. The one thing that caught my eyes was the greens. They were so majestic and from a distant it looked like a flowing carpet. There was a youth tournament taking place at one of the course and I just could not miss the opportunity to join for a couple of swings. I have always been fascinated by golf and the chance to engage in the sport firsthand was really overwhelming.
One of the standout features of the Golf Club was a windmill located at the east end. It was so big that its blades cut through the air like a hot knife on butter. I was told that apart from being an attraction here, the windmill is used to generate power at the golf club.
I really enjoyed my stay at the Sandpiper golf club. It was a really amazing experience and I will definitely be visiting again.

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Use public transport instead of travelling by car.

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Santa Barbara

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