Santa Barbara for A La Carte Mexican

I’ve been coming to Super Rica since I can remember. My aunt lives in Santa Barbara and found the place over 20 years ago and our entire family has been enjoying this delicious hole in the wall ever since. I’ve heard complaints that people don’t like the lines or the ordering format, but it is what it is and if it drives people way, then it only means a shorter wait for me.

The food is super fresh and you can watch them make your tortillas while you wait. It’s a pretty small kitchen so it’s not exactly a swiss watch in there, but they make magic all the same. My cousin swears by the pork tacos. Get a side of guacamole and hit up the salsa bar and you’ll be set. I myself usually check the specials board to see what they got up there. The last time I was in town I had the best chile relleno of my life, along with their melted cheese bowl that I slop onto my tacos. Grab a beer, a Mexican coke, or some of their fresh juices to wash it all down and you’re going to be a happy patron.

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