Santa Monica, CA for Twilight Concert

I got back to my hostel from a day well-spent at Point Dume in Malibu and was informed by my bunk mates that Sister Nancy was performing for free on the Santa Monica Pier that evening. So I tossed my surfboard on my bed, rinsed off the salt water from my body and got dressed to go. As I skated behind the group while weaving through both tourists and locals, you could hear the faint sound of the concert growing the closer you got to the pier. Getting to the pier was the easy part. Finding a place to sit was not. After maneuvering through a multitude of miniature beach picnics, we finally found some open sand and claimed it.
As I watched the Ferris wheel lights appear to dance with the rhythm as it boomed out over the crowd and in to the Pacific, I understood why people might put up with all the traffic there. The show was a one of a kind experience and if you are ever in Los Angeles between July and September, I highly recommend going to a Twilight Pier Concert.

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