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Sassari, Sardinia for The Candeliri's of Sardinia

So, every year in Sassari, Sardinia on August 14th the city of Sassari throws a celebration to honour of the Vergine Assunta (Our Lady of the Assumption) which this virgin helped freed the city of three terrible plaques, the last of which was in 1652. This tradition has been happening since then.

It starts in the morning where nine families (gremis) decorate nine different wooden candles, which weigh a few hundred pounds with color ribbons, flowers, and garlands. The gremis practice and prepare to transport these candles from Castello square to the church of Santa Maria of Betlem, for the benediction.

At midnight they put these heavy and tall wooden candles through the Santa Maria’ church doors. If the candle touch the ground or fall going through the doors it is a symbol of bad luck for the whole year. It is in order of hierarchy and order as well that has been has been happening since the beginning. The last gremi that goes through must break the cross on the door in order to show respect and to wish all a good year of health and longevity.

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