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Seattle for Free Museum Day

I got lucky during my visit to Seattle, and you can too. Plan your visit around the first Thursday of the month. Most of the museums in Seattle waive their admission fee during the first Thursday of the month. I mean, thats an amazing deal. Whether you are a local or a tourist trying to have a great day on a budget. I think one of my personal favorites I went to during my visit was MOHAI (“MO-high” as the locals say), it stands for the Museum of History & Industry. Sounds like it might not be very fun, but I had a great time during my visit to MOHAI. I visited the Lake Union south shore to go to the museum and from there I was able to go through many interactive exhibits that tell the tales of Seattle’s pop culture from the Ivar’s clam costume to the Rainier Beer “R”, as well as living history from the 1962 World’s Fair and the 1999 WTO riots.

After I spent the morning at MOHAI, I went for short visits at some of the other first Thursday participants: Seattle Art Museum – This is a gorgeous museum with plenty of exhibitions ranging from sculptures to Australian Aboriginal works. There were some great exhibitions and from the looks of the website there are plenty of amazing curated exhibitions rotating regularly.

From the Seattle Art Museum, I grabbed a late lunch and headed to the Museum of Flight, their first Thursday participation allows for only evenings. They house over 150 historic air AND spacecrafts. You learn a lot and you can see up close the fine craftsmanship and work it took to create some of these flying machines. I was highly impressed, you also have an amazing view so no complaints here.

I will definitely plan my next trip to Seattle around first Thursday again.

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