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Seattle for the Most Photogenic Places

One of my favorite things to do while traveling is to take photos around the city that I am in. I try to explore and find the best views as possible. During some time that I spent in Seattle, I was able to find 5 pretty great views that I think are some of the most photogenic places in the cities I have visited. I highly suggest on your next trip to Seattle to go to these places, pull out that camera phone and snap some photos to impress your family and friends.

Aquarium – Located on the waterfront, but this amazing former dockside warehouse turned aquarium will not disappoint. If you want to experience seriously adorable seals/otters then this is your place. Plus, who doesnt want to photograph some aquatic life??

Seattle Arts Museum – Ok for starters, the Seattle Art Museum has a giant metal statue with moving arms standing out front. Im sure that is absolutely a requirement to being as photogenic as possible

Green Lake – Not just a locals favorite to go running in the sunrise or sunset, it is also very good to take photos of. I mean come on, we are in the Pacific Northwest where everything is pretty photogenic.

Golden Gardens – Outside of the time I was in Dubai, for some reason these are the best sunsets that you can find in Seattle. Do not miss this opportunity. If you do, well you just arent living life.

Kerry Park – One of my favorite views of the Seattle skyline outside of the West Seattle view where the city looks like it is floating. Although I think this one does rank higher generally speaking as you are above the city and the massive landscape. It is a great place to get away with your own thoughts. I love it up here.

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