Seattle, WA for Best Fish N Chips in Seattle

Seattle is known for its Seafood. When I came to Seattle over the summer I wanted to find the best Fish N Chips. If you ask the locals, they will all direct you towards a place called Ivars. This place is staple to the Emerald City and I had to see what all the hype was about. Ivars has been around Seattle since 1938 and its still as popular as ever, serving fresh seafood on the regular. I thought I would change it up and order their Salmon Fish N Chips. It was so fresh I could still taste the sea salt on the salmon. They have a pretty wide variety of local fresh Seafood that stretches from the Puget Sound in Washington, all the way to Alaska. If you want to get down like to locals, head on over to Ivars for fast service and undeniably the best Fish N Chips in town.

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