Seattle, WA for Meeting the "Man" at Dixie's BBQ

If you are ever in Seattle and want to grab some great BBQ, go no further then Dixie’s BBQ over in Bellevue on the Eastside of Seattle. If your willing to make the drive out to Dixie’s you wont be disappointed. When I came out to Seattle to visit family, I was craving some BBQ like we get back home in Texas. Seattle isn’t exactly known for it’s BBQ but it is a big enough city where I knew I could find some if I looked hard enough. The internet brought me to Dixie’s and all the reviews online were talking about their infamous hot sauce called the “man”. I do not know if you could officially call this place a restaurant. When you pull up in the parking lot, the cooks are serving people out of a garage. It’s awesome! When ordering they asked me If I wanted to “meet the man”. I didn’t drive all the way over to Dixie’s and not order there famous hot sauce. O boy this sauce was something else. Im not going to spoil it for you so your going to have to wait to “meet the man” yourself at Dixie’s BBQ.

Where I stayed / started

Sheraton Bellevue Hotel

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  1. Justus January 24, 2016, 5:33 am

    I’ve met the man. owww its hawt!

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