Seattle, WA for Nates Wing and Waffles

Up until recently, Seattle has never really been known for it’s Chicken and Waffles. My friend’s recently showed me this restaurant when I came up to Seattle over the summer. It is owned and operated by Nate Robinson, the famous NBA basketball player locally from Seattle, WA
I didn’t know what to expect at first as its located in Seattle. There was two restaurants and now there is only 1 located in the Central District. When I think of Seattle food I think of Seafood not Chicken and Waffles but I was actually surprised at the quality of food. At the time, his mother was working the front of the store and she was very friendly to us. The employees really make you feel as if your home. The restaurant had a “family’ vibe to me that was very refreshing to see. The prices were even better. Give it a look if your ever in Seattle.

Where I stayed / started

Westin Seattle

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