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Want to feel like a Seattle local? Oysters and happy hour. Imagine putting those two together? I found on my last business trip that this is exactly what I did. I took a stroll through town and found some great deals, and some of the best oyster happy hours that I have found anywhere in the states. Talk about binge eating oysters and then heading back to Palladian, this is how I like to spend my time in Seattle.

1. Penny Royal
This is more of a cocktail happy hour, but you are not going to be able to beat Penny Royal with the class and ambience. For their happy hour go grab an amazing hand crafted cocktail that will surpass most that you will get in the entire city and then grab a plate of their habanero and cilantro oysters. Talk about the best time and personally my favorite on this entire list. You can not beat the flavor combos that they create here!

2. Elliot’s Oyster House
Admittedly so, Elliot’s is a little touristy but, boasts a very progressive happy hour from 3-6pm on weekdays. $1.50 for the first hour, $2 for the second, and $2.50 each for the last hour. They have some other specials as well but why would you go and do that?

3. Mistral Kitchen
This is a nice place with a 2.5 hour happy hour every day starting at 4PM that includes signature cocktails at the bar for only $8. $1/50 each however the chef wants to accompany the half shells.

4. Taylor Shellfish Farms Oyster Bar
You have to check out this hip Queen Anne location. Monday through Friday from 4-6pm you can get $1.50 Shigoku oysters from Willapa Bay. Definitely delicious and served with everything that you would want

5.Anchovies & Olives
Oh man oh man, a local Seattle chef named Ethan Stowell created this Mediterranean spot. Sunday through Thursday from 5-6PM – and again from 10PM to close – has a Oyster Power Hour, which features oysters of the day for $1.50 each. What an amazing deal and delicious oysters, oh yeah did I mention that they are delicious!

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