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Seattle, WA for Panama Hotel and Tea House

I decided to get away for the weekend but I wanted to do something interesting with a little allure, after doing some searching, I found the Panama Hotel & Tea House. With somewhat of a twisted history it was built in 1910 by Seattle’s first Japanese-American architect, Sabro Ozasa, which allowed the building to serve as home to generations of Japanese immigrants in the city’s Japantown (Nihonmachi) District, as well as fisherman and travelers alike. Sign me up! Sounds like a perfect relaxing getaway while being interesting at the same time. I called to book one of their 101 rooms that they have available for guests. Upon arrival I was shown some historical maps of the roads that were drawn in the 30’s before the forced internment of Japanese-Americans in the 40s. One feature that you can see is a window into the basement where you can view belongings that were left behind during this period of forced internment. The ghost suitcases give you a glimpse into the sorted history of the Japanese-American struggle in America during the war. After learning more about the issues that were had in Seattle during the time, I went to the lobby and grabbed a delicious tea, relaxed and read a book.

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Panama Hotel & Tea House

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