Seattle, WA for Seafair

I had never even heard of Seafair until last year when I was up there for a business meeting. What was supposed to be an eight-hour visit to get a few details straightened out ended up becoming a three-day bender on the lake. We still had the meeting and got everything straightened out but our boss was liberally serving whiskey drinks in order to pre-game for the first day of Seafair. I was not mad at this one bit. Whether or not you have read any of my other Jrrnys, I always enjoy a spirit lifting beverage. It is always 5 o’clock somewhere. Any way, my boss and her husband had pretty easily convinced be to skip my return train home and just stay on their boat for the weekend. So I did and it was one-hundred percent worth it. I continued to spend the following two days drinking with the upper-class of society, chatting with everyone from fortunate trust-fund children to billionaire business tycoons and sipping on all kinds of expensive booze. I think we went through 5 bottles of $500 a bottle whiskey and I definitely ended up on a few yachts bigger than my house. All extravagance aside, the weekend was a beautiful gathering of both sober and inebriated mutually enjoying three sun-filled days in Seattle. I highly suggest partaking in Seafair on either a rental or a friends boat if you ever get the chance.

Insider Tip

Make friends with the owner of a boat. Fast.

Where I stayed / started

Courtyard View on Capitol Hill

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  1. kkueber April 8, 2016, 8:00 pm

    Love Seafair! Great post! The other side of the tracks isn’t bad either as long as the Coors light stays cold in the cooler!

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