Seattle, WA for the Seattle Dog

If you’re ever in Seattle you have to go check out the nightlife in Capitol Hill. The neighborhood is flooded with people partying into the night at the various clubs and bars within the area. One thing that I will always remember from my time in Capitol Hill was all the hot dog carts. There had to have been 4 on every block. Everyone in the city seemed to order the same thing. It’s called the “Seattle Dog”. People wait in line all night for these hotdogs and to be honest, they did smell pretty tasty. The Seattle Dog is a grilled hot dog with grilled onions, and creamed cheese. People go nuts for this in Seattle, its crazy. I was reluctant to try it at first but with all the people and lines surrounding the carts, I had to try it out. Surprisingly, it was pretty good and I would totally recommend it to anyone ever in Seattle. If you’re in Chicago, you going to eat their hot dogs right? When in Rome.

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