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Seattle, WA, United States for Seafood, Coffee Tasting & Gum..?!

I wasn’t originally going to post anything regarding my trip to Seattle this past week since it was actually unplanned. My 93 year old Grandpa and Uncle needed some help selling one of their houses so my parents flew in from Japan and I went up last minute to assist.

Amidst all the moving and selling furniture on Craigslist, my parents and I managed to slip away for a fun day in downtown Seattle. I figured I listed everything I had to on my post from last year for things to do in Seattle (click here for Seattle Part I) but we went to enough new places I thought I would share!

Pier – I love the Seattle Pier. It’s not one thing in particular but the plethora of things you can do, find and eat there. Sure, it’s not as magnificent as the Chicago Navy Pier or the Santa Monica Pier but it’s impressive considering the small size of it. I highly recommend visiting during the summer, though. Even in May on a sunny day, a lot of stores were closed. A new-ish addition to the Pier has been the Great Wheel, a ferris wheel that makes you feel like you’re floating over the water. In my opinion, it’s a bit pricey just for a ride on a small ferris wheel but I can see why they have to do that since they’re only making money on sunny days…which of course is not that many in Seattle.

Crab Pot – Speaking of the Pier, one of the most popular spots to eat is the Crab Pot. During the busier days, the wait can be upwards of 2 hours! While the menu is pretty diverse, their signature items are their “Seafests”. The prices differ depending on what type of seafood is included; for example, something without crab legs are the cheapest but includes shrimp, clams, red potatoes and andouille sausages. If it includes dungeness crab, it’s much more expensive. They lay a sheet of paper on your table, give you a board and a hammer and dumps a huge bowl of seafood across the paper. You wear a bib like a baby and go to town with your hands and hammer! No, the seafood isn’t the best seafood I’ve ever had but it’s decent. You’re definitely paying for the experience. I had such a blast with my parents! Just for reference, we ordered 2 Seafests between 3 people and it was more than enough!
……up next are the Gum Wall & the Starbucks Reserve Coffee Roastery & Tasting room experience – click here to continue reading!

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The perfect time to visit the Pier & The Crab Pot? Summer weekdays, if you can!

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