Seattle, Washington for Biking Around Bainbridge Island

Us Seattleites love our bikes, and I’m no exception. I love getting outside the city a bit to see new places and get my workout in. It feels silly to drive somewhere to bike, though, so one destination I enjoy is Bainbridge Island. The last time I did it was for the Chilly Hilly bike ride in February. Luckily it was a clear (but cold!) day for biking. It was so nice to see thousands of other cyclists out for a ride in February. The ride around the island is about 30 miles and has quite a few small rolling hills and a couple very big hills, but it’s very manageable if you have a halfway decent bike (I did it on a hybrid commuter). A lot of the ride is through trees, but every so often we would break through and see tiny pebble beaches and beautiful views across Puget Sound. There are some great little restaurants near the ferry terminal that are perfect for a post-ride meal. I was rushing for the ferry, however, so I grabbed a beer and some food back in Seattle before biking the rest of the way home. I can’t wait to do it in summer when I can cool off afterwards at Mora Ice Cream!

(Out of towners can rent bikes at a bike shop – I know Recycled Cycles has them available)

Photos via Flickr users Jon Dawson, Terri Stewart, satanoid

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