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Sechelt, BC, Canada for Family Getaway

Did a quick getaway with family to the Sechelt, also known as the “Sunshine Coast” in British Columbia. This is a rustic, homey section of Canada that is accessible only by boat, but is actually part of the British Columbia Mainland. From the ferry at Horseshoe bay near Vancouver, take the Langdale Ferry, about a 40 minute ride. There’s spectacular scenery and mountains — looking North you can see whistler and Mt Garibaldi (I think).

Once there, it’s a pretty tame place. There’s no real food and drink scene, but the beaches have dramatic tides and there’s many provincial parks that give open access to families like our that wanted to explore the beaches. Tidepools were teeming with life! We also “caught” our dinner at a local fish hatchery. There’s fantastic mountain bike riding too, but that’s another jrrny!

We actually stayed with some family but the Driftwood Inn is a great location right in town with clean, affordable rooms (tagged here)

For coffee, consider going to the Davis Bay grocery store. They have a great little deck to sit and enjoy the spectacular beuty.

Insider Tip

BC ferries has a reservation system. For $10 you can save yourself a lot of time.

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