Stockholm, Sweden for Fika fix

One of the only other places where I think they might drink as much coffee or more than we do in the Northwest, getting Fika fix is to ‘indulge in coffee and chat at leisure’. How does that not sound great? Well if you’re an introvert that is not that in to coffee, then I understand. However, I suggest adopting a ‘When in Rome’ mentality if you are traveling because the coffee is superb too. We went to a place called Mälarpaviljongen, which was this open air cafe located on the pier, waterfront and a barge at Norr Mälarstrand. The place is only open during the summer months when I was there and the view is tremendous. It was great to sit at the edge of the dock and dip my bare feet in to the water and just stare across the Riddarfjärden. Though it was very busy, I don’t speak Swedish at all so it made tuning everyone out very easy. Everyone in Sweden does speak English though and after a few minutes of staring I decided to partake in the conversation taking place in my little group of locals I met since being there. After a few coffees and multiple shakes from the caffeine consumed, we headed out to explore more of the city. Fika fix complete.

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