Stockholm, Sweden for Living Museum, The Gamla Stan (The Old Town)

The Old Town or Galma Stan is the most interesting and sightseeing place in Stockholm. For the explorers the beauty of Glam Stan lies in colourful architecture and historical buildings while walking in narrow, bricked lanes. Glam Stan is like a pedestrian- friendly museum with loads of attractions, beautifully interesting sights, eateries, bars, and fun shopping places. The beauty of Galma Stan lies in buildings coloured in striking shades of gold.
Being itself a walking museum, there are other beautiful churches and museums here, such as Sweden’s National Cathedral, and Nobel Museum. A couple of other attractions in and near Glam Stan are the Royal Palace (mesmerizing and aristocratic), Swedish Parliament building, Myntkabinette Money museum, and Storkyrkan.
Glam Stan is the top most tourist attraction of Sweden, as it depicts the different colours of Sweden, while offering a awe-inspiring beauty of colours, galleries, medieval churches, museums, and of course offers variety to shop around. You’ll never get bored of walking in Glam Stan as the way is full of gorgeous beauty and promising final destinations.

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