Subotica, Vojvodina for Art Nouveau and Palic Lake

Located near the Serbian-Hungarian border, Subotica used to be an important town throughout the history of the region. Nowadays perhaps not so much, but it still remains one of the most charming towns in Vojvodina and one with probably the most interesting architecture.

After taking a train from Belgrade, we reached Subotica after a couple of hours. We stayed in something that could be best described as repurposed student dormitory that was now serving as a hostel – not the most glamorous place to stay in, but for a couple of days we didn’t mind. The first day, we just went around the city center (Korzo) and admired the gorgeous facades, like the one on Town Hall and Raichle Palace (that one was definitely a personal favorite of mine). The next day, we went to the Palic Lake, some 8 kilometers away from Subotica, where we just roamed around and relaxed at local cafes (and again, the Women’s Beach had lovely Art Nouveau style). Palic even has a little zoo, that was also well worth visiting.

Insider Tip

Try a drink called Pelinkovac – a local herb brandy. It might be acquired taste, but I really like it!

Where I stayed / started

Hostel-Dorm in the center

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