Sydney, Australia for Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach was the thing I was most excited to go see and hang out at. It was great. I was not prepared for how far away it was from where I was staying in Downtown Sydney but we were able to navigate our way there with minimal confusion. There were little boardwalk shops and bars near the beach, a skate park and the beach had a plethora of good looking Aussies to ogle over. I loved the fact that I was able to get there, go to the skate park, work up one helluva sweat and then hit the beach for a swim. I would have loved to surf but the ocean look like a lake that day. After a fair amount of time laying in the sun and splashing around it was time for a serious cold one so we walked up to the main road in search of a good bar to satisfy the soul. We happened upon a cocktail bar called The Anchor where we met some friendly locals willing to give us a tip about another bar more inland from the beach called The Flying Squirrel. The place has been closed down permanently now but there is a new bar occupying the space that appears to be very similar. If you do go to Bondi then go check out Fat Rupert’s and let me know if they were able to keep the dive bar feeling alive.

Where I stayed / started

Comfy room in the hearth of Sydney

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