Talisay City, Central Visayas, Philippines for Goat Meat Dishes

Here in the Philippines, specifically in the Visayas, we really have a lot of dishes that are very tasty and scrumptious. As a Bisaya (this is how the people in the Visayas region are called), I could say that we are very good kusineros (Filipino term for cook/chef) not only for the fact that we make delicious dishes but also because everytime we cook, we make sure that we add a secret ingredient to every meal we make. One of the famous recipes here would have goat meat as one of the ingredients. I will now introduce you to a restaurant here which cooks goat meat recipes and a lot more for a price that you won’t regret paying.

One hot summer afternoon while we were already going home from the airport, my brother-in-law craved for some kinilaw (This is a Philippine delicacy that has raw fish or meat marinated in vinegar, pepper, chili, onions, tomatoes as main ingredients.). My sister then asked me for a suggestion as to which place I could recommend on this one. I immediately said that there are a lot of restaurants in SRP (South Reclamation Project, which is in Cebu) which also led me in suggesting that “Rex Kandingan sa SRP” is a good place to go. Without any discussions, we then quickly headed to this restaurant. The restaurant is located in Cansojong, Cebu South Coastal Road which is a 25-minute drive away from Cebu, City.

Upon arriving in the restaurant, I then quickly noticed of its native Filipino ambiance. It would really make you feel like you are eating in a native Filipino hut. The tables were made from a Gemilina Tree Trunk and the chairs were made of bamboos. We then ordered Goat Caldereta, Larang, Kinilaw, and Ngohiong. I was very satisfied of their Goat Caldereta because of two reasons: (1) It doesn’t smell as if it was really a goat. The smell was purely as a dish and there was never a smell of the meat that was used. (2) The meat was very soft. I felt like I was eating a beef tenderloin when in fact it was a goat meat. Amazing right? I did not eat the other dishes that we ordered since I was just focused on the goat caldereta and I couldn’t help but crave for more, LOL.

All in all, I was very satisfied in that restaurant. Their customer service was good too. Waiters and waitresses were very polite and welcoming to their customers as well.

I recommend that you should drop by here if you go to Cebu and if you would also happen to pass by the Cebu SRP. This restaurant is indeed worth it of your money!

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Rex Kandingan sa SRP

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