Tempe, AZ for Big Surf Waterpark

What do you do when you are an amphibian trapped in the middle of the desert? You seek out the closest body of water and you go. In this case it happened to be the first wave pool opened in the United States. I imagining it having legitimate waves where I could rent a dinged up board and pretend I was on some random Mexican coastline but it wasn’t. I guess more than waves I would call it a tide pool where they water sways back and forth with heaps of fellow tourists all doing their very best to pretend they were at the beach too. Good enough for me! There was also one helluva water slide you could race someone else down. So that helped bring in a minimal amount of sport to the atmosphere. Overall it was a great time and though I wouldn’t normal pay to go to a water park, this place has me rethinking that policy.

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