Temple of Olympian Zeus for Learning About A Great Legend

Things are getting spicier day by day. Already enjoyed some great moments in the last couple of days. Still searching for the next adventure in Athens. Athens is a place full of surprises and excitements. Have a lot of places for visiting and exploring. Athens is known to be the most interesting place to visit. Also, it is one of the ancient city having a whole bunch of historical and attractive places. Temple of Olympian Zeus is one of them.

The name of the place is very fascinating isn’t it? In reality, it is even more interesting and beautiful. When I got there, I found a fascinating story behind this place which one you must hear. From the local people, I discover a story. they told me that, it was build a long ago during the Zesus period and this wonderful temple is dedicated to him.

The temple is almost rueined but still looks so beautiful and unique that will blow your mind. The architecture and meterials theyused for creating this templeis really hard to find. As I saw a lot’s of places aroundthe worldbut this temple is the best ever in shape. The scenery is also very nice to observe, see and to enjoy.

Where I stayed / started

Royal Olympic Hotel


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